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Who can use the loan service?

  • Users with a UD card: Students, academic, research and administrative staff.
  • Holders of a current Friend of the Library card: Friends of the Library (alumni and external researchers).

Where to borrow

  • At the Front Desk.
  • Self-check service:
    • Bilbao campus: available in all of the Reading Rooms.
    • San Sebastian campus: available at the Front Desk.

Terms of loan for books

User type No. of resources No. of days  Renovations
Undergraduate students 10 15  1 x 7 days
Postgraduate and PhD students 20 30  1 x 7 days
Friends of the Library / Alumni 10 15  1 x 7 days



By signing in to Océano and going to "My Loans" it's possible to renew a loan for an extra 7 days, provided there are no requests for the book and that 3 or fewer days remain to its due date.


Through this service you may place a hold on books out on loan to other users. To place a hold, access the Library Catalogue in Océano (Discovery Library).

When placing a hold, please bear in mind the following:

  • You won’t be able to place a hold on a book you already have on loan, or that you’ve already requested.
  • You won’t be able to place a hold if you’re blocked.
  • After placing a hold, when the requested book is returned you’ll be notified by an email to your @opendeusto or @deusto account. From then on, you’ll be able to collect it up to closing time on the following day. 

Returning loans

Returning loans:

  • Bilbao campus: Return Box, located on the ground floor, next to the entrance.
  • San Sebastian campus: At the Front Desk.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not return the book at the return box and you leave it in another place in the Library, it will not be valid.


  • Blocks derived from the late return of any kind of resource (study place, laptop or book) will affect the borrowing rights of all resources, regardless of their type.
  • Library privileges will be suspended for a period of three days for each book returned late, and for each day past the due date.
  • In the case of lost or damaged books, loan privileges will be suspended until the book has been replaced or paid for.
  • Library cards are personal and non-transferrable. In the case of use by anyone except the card holder, sanctions will be applied.
  • Use of the loan or self-loan service is mandatory in order to borrow library materials. Users making or intending to make improper use of the loan or self-loan service will be denied access to the library for a period according to the severity of the case.
  • In case of loss of the Library card, the Library must be notified immediately. Until such time, the holder of the lost card will be held responsible for any loans made with the card, and any relevant fines.

Inter-campus loans (BI-SS)

This service makes it possible to obtain material from the University of Deusto library at another campus: Bilbao and San Sebastian.

Type of users of Inter-campus loans

Where to request an intercampus loan BI-SS

The Inter-campus loan service will be closed from July 15th. to August 30th.

  • Bilbao campus: At the Front Desk.
  • San Sebastian campus: At the Front Desk. 

Collection and return of items

Bilbao campus:
At the Front Desk within the Library working hours.

San Sebastian campus:
At the Front Desk within the Library working hours.